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To Horizon (Horizon利艾)


Dear 1ko,

My apologies for writing this comment so long after Horizon's finished. I was afraid that it wouldn't be profound enough. It might not be of great depth as other readers' comments even now, to be honest, but I've decided to write it down anyway. A writer writes to record illusions and sentiments, and a reader comments to treasure up memories and feelings.

Horizon is the very first Atsushi Takahiro (金山翻译的“同人文”,给跪了......) I read. It grabbed my attention among numerous similar novels in Tieba by its wonderful prologue and impressive writing style that led me into the world of death and warfare, farewell and love. The more I read, the more I loved it. Unlike others writing about Levi and Eren who sticked to Levi's act of blowing Eren in episode 15 which attracted a great number of rotten women (是的这是腐女......foreign policy发表的一篇讲Sherlock的文章中出现的标准翻译!!!), you revealed the true meaning of love and protection behind Levi's sadism. Several months after episode 15 was shown, audiences had lost their interest in this CP, largely because of the exaggeration and over-emphasizing of the superficial things of it. It can only survive if more writers like you 1ko appear and excavate the most notable element between the CP.

Back to Horizon, its interpretations of Levi and Eren are profound and mature which meanwhile construct new characters based on the original work. This doesn't mean that it's an OOC. What I mean is that the characters developed by Horizon are so real and vivid that it becomes a breath-new story that can be appreciated even without the previous knowledge of Attack on Titan; nevertheless, it not only contains but also sublimes the loyalty, belief, spirits and love represented in the original work.

(→这里才是正文...前面都是废话??)Levi is a silent lover. He is not good at expressing his feelings--to everyone from Eren to Petra, but he is always by Eren's side, anytime, anywhere. He never says love, what he does tells the most. However, this kind of love has its flaw--at certain points of great turns or changes Levi can't prepare himself to face his own love because saying nothing means having everything on his back. He would make desicions that he thought would seperate each other apart but actually drag the two of them even closer. In this case, Eren is the key. As you said, he is franker and more sensitive about the relationship. The youngster has little to think of and nothing to lose, so he could be the one that expresses the love of both and breaks the wall before him. I think that what Eren wants to say is, "I don't want you to stand in front of me against the obstacles, I want you to be by my side, and we'll fight till the very end, hand in hand." Levi teaches him the insights of freedom and gives him the rights to look for it, therefore Eren frees the two of them both.

As for other characters, Mikasa and Petra are also successfully completed. I really love the Mikasa constructed by you. Her acts of going to Levi's and saying "please endeavor to protect him" are admirable. Her visit to Levi isalso an unignorable key of the whole story that, as it was said in the novel, offered Levi another chance and made him realize his importance to Eren. Her love of is a kind of special care and protection, right as family. From some aspect Eren's father and Mikasa did the same thing. They supported every decision made by him and never asked--never asked, asked no more. Sometimes this kind of relationship are more tangible than love between L&E, but meanwhile makes the love between them more tangible.

As for Petra, your story and description of this lated character are extremely moving. I myself wrote short articles about Levi and Petra, but I'm afraid I made the same mistake mentioned before--I only described the death of Petra and failed to find out more. Horizon, instead, was far more than that. Petra does not tangle, but would hold her love that definitely fails in her heart. She knows to give the best of herself to help Levi and Eren. Her love is like a silent rivulet streaming down the permanent ice on the peak of a mountain--her love sings the elegy for her own heart but never stops.

Finally, let's talk about something more personal...(←wth is that?!) 1ko, you are a brilliant person. I'm not flattering. It's not a story you're writing, it's a world you're building for us. You described yourself as "bad-tempered" several times. You did get angry once or twice, but that was not bad-tempered, because you were fighting for Levi and Eren, as well as your own principles. I respected you even more when you said "how can I lose" after posting the additional writings of Levi and his father. When I saw you saying "tonight nothing will be up here, but there is something more important",I realized that someone touched your line again. But you chose to go on. I won't say "1ko's grown up" or something, since I'm younger than you and not to mention that this is not a proof of so-called growing-up--you are always so mature. This is a more powerful way of fighting which is undoubtedly admirable. This is what a real writer is like--1ko, you're a real writer.

Anyway, thank you for leading me into the world of Atsushi Takahiro, of Levi and Eren, of Attack on Titan, and of you(non offense...). Thank you for encouraging me to write my very first piece of Levi and Petra, I shall be most flattered if you can have a look and give advice(by the way, compared to yours that one sucks...TT). It's in my lofter. I don't want to put the link here because I hope that you can find out more about me(←wth are you talking about...)

Thank you for reading such pleonasm in horrible English skills. Good luck for your ILETS in 7 December, and good luck to my SSAT on the same day...

To freedom.


Cantabell Lynn

最后小尾巴==推荐首BGM, 感觉其实可以是Levi的角色歌??9 CRIMES(BY DAMIEN RICE)一开始是女声,但是后面男声出来然后逐渐发展到高潮很带感,而且歌词也符合...好吧我可能自我代入了怡子大大听一下咯~谢谢恩恩不胜感激!


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