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No letters today | The Nordics WW1

By Sigrid / Translated by Cantabell


  “Berwald, if you dare...using morphine on me, I will damn you to hell...as soon as I can move...”

  The Dane looked at Berwald with his bloodshot eyes. Cold sweat was spread over his forehead. The Swedish scrubbed away a small piece of broken bone out of his wound, under which should have been two legs but nothing remained. He glanced at Danmark, reminded Tina, the nurse, to wash his wound every two hours, and left the tent.

  Tina took his gloves with blood spots on it. She hesitated for a moment, but asked anyway, “are you really leaving him in all this mess? I mean, no one could possibly bear such pain...”

  “I owe him,” replied Berwald, “my application of additional medicine last week was finally handed to him.” 

  “You mean...”

  The doctor lowered his head and began to wipe away the non-existed dust on his glasses. “He's just a child. How can a man save enough drugs for another?”


  “I finally figure out what to say to Norvia when I see her! ‘Good news, darling--I won’t step on your feet while dancing any more!’ Eureka!” When Tina entered the tent, the Dane was joking with the corporal in the next bed, who smiled at the ceiling--he lost his sight because of war gas. This was the first smile of him in a month.

  Danmark then caught sight of Tina as he turned around his head. His eyes lit up with hope. “Any letters from Norway?”

  How I wish to put a true smile on his face, even if it takes a lie to--Tina unconsciously bit her lips, and shook her head. As anxiety and disappointment leaked out of those blue eyes, she felt, for the first time ever, helpless.


  “Are you carrying me here to do experiments on me? New weird therapies?” Danmark lay listlessly with his eyes closed. His voice was a little bit raucous. Berwald examined him carefully. Still in a fever, but luckily no signs of infections were shown at the wound of amputation. He went back to his desk and sat down.

  “I want to talk about Cohen.”

  The Dane opened his eyes. “He didn't keep his arms?” He asked.

  “He did, but I doubt his injury was not an accident.”

  Danmark blinked. “What are you trying to say?” he murmured, “we went into the mine field! I could not have survived if he didn’t carry me back......”

  His words were cut off by the suddenly standing up Swedish, and the sound of a broken pen. “Do you know what you're doing, you fool? I have seen too many soldiers trying to escape by self-injuring! Wounds tell no lies, Danmark!”

  Danmark endeavored to lean over so that he could see the unfolded papers in front of Berwald. “Is my every word recorded now, to be testimony?”

  “Yes.” Berwald answered without hesitation.

  “Damn it!” Danmark bit his lips and hit his head to the bed. “Cohen is only 18! Fuckin’ 18! Away from his hometown, from his parents, and killing people in such a barren place, where everyday friends are smashed to pieces, and bodies eaten by mice in those dark forests......People here are deserted! They have no life! Why shouldn’t he fear? Why can’t he go home?”

  “What about you?” Berwald’s voice shook with anger, “you just wanted to get him back, even the price was to risk your life at the mine fields! Have you thought about Norvia and Iceland? Have you?”

  The abrupt silence froze the two men in July’s sweltering air.

  Just as Berwald began to wonder if the Dane fell asleep in fragility and high fever, he heard a low voice speaking.

  “Don’t send him to the court. They’ll shoot him. Please. It’s  your responsibility to save people, isn’t it, Ber...?”


  “Even I have observed it, Tina! Berwald likes you...hiss!” The Dane frowned.

  “Oh! My apologies, major,” Tina turned red and tidied the bandage, “but please don’t play such jokes on me.”

  “We grew up together, Berwald and I,” Danmark smugly knocked his fingers on the medicine box, “he can’t hide any secrets from me! No one knows him better than I do.” He tapped the girl’s shoulder, “you think him nice too, huh?”

  “Do you want your arms cut off too?” Berwald glared at Danmark’s hands on Tina’s shoulder, eyes as cold as his scalpels. “This is my head nurse, not your soldier. Show some respect!”

  Danmark rolled his eyes and took his claw back, but then smiled at Tina. “YOUR (he protracted this word on purpose) head nurse won’t mind. Not all soldiers wear uniforms! Tina, your courage and grit are no less than any men. My legs, I’m afraid, are like a half-dug grave; but look at you! Not frightened at all!”

  “I had been trained, major,” was the reply. Tina completed her work and rose up, still smiling, but bumped right into Berwald’s gaze.

  “C’mon, C’mon, afternoon sun. The snow melts in my farm, and I’ll hold my girl in my arms.” Danmark held his laugh and hummed the Nordic love song. The sunshine streamed down onto his face, and his smile was hid in the leafy shadow.

  No letters today either.


  “What did you say to Tina?”

  “I sent her your love that you dared not show.”

  Berwald forced his eyes on Danmark’s legs and told himself that punching him would only heavierTina's job.

  “Leave we two alone. It’s none of your business.”

  “I sincerely wish you happiness with all my heart, and I do hope that you regard this relationship as one of YOU TWO.”

  “Enough!” Berwald’s glasses fell down a few inches, “you can hear the cannon balls, can’t you? You know about them better than I do, officer. Tell me, how far are they from this tent? One mile perhaps?”

  “What are you afraid of? You love her, and she loves you!”

  “Which is why I can’t make any promises! No signs of love! I have no idea how long this war is gonna last. One day the crew will be rearranged, and I’ll go to the front. Tell you what, Danmark, if I die......”

  “You think Tina would turn her face to the wall? She loves you, and this won’t change because of your silence--it tortures her, day by day! Love is no burden, it never is! Love is a belief, Berwald, love is hope! Tell her, accept her, and stay alive for each other.”



  “Morning, lily of the valley! Any letter from...”

  “No...but madam herself is here.”

  Danmark looked at Tina in a gaze. A minute later the Dane was quickly combing his hair. “Tina,” he said, trying to hold his voice but failed, “get me a quilt, would you? I need to get my leg...covered.”

  “It’s July, major...” Tina heard the sound of boots stamping on the ground coming behind her and did not finish her sentence. The clamors of comments and the whistles stopped as the steps reached Danmark’s bed.

  “I thought you’d stay in the single room of officers.”

  Tina found herself responsible for this question. “Madam, it was major himself that requested to stay with the soldiers in this tent.” She gave a sigh that only she could hear. This madam was haughty and arrogant, saying such things here where soldiers were all around--not to mention her splendid black clothing. When she lifted up her veil and bended down, however, Tina suddenly realized why Danmark had his wife in mind all day--it was an incredibly beautiful face. Even if the words that came out from those rosy lips were sharp as knives, the man would die for her.

  “I got some letters which informed me that you might not live long.”

  “Oh, oh. Bad news is, I survived. Good news is...” the talkative Dane seemed to have his tongue twisted at the moment. Tina did not want to watch. Could he finish his “joke”?

  The Norwegian beauty gazed at her husband’s legs that were wrapped by white bandages.

  “When we're dancing afterwards, darling, I’ll never...”

  “It doesn't matter. We shall never dance. You’re the one that liked dancing, I prefer the violin all the time.” Norvia breathed deeply, and gently touched the bandage with her fingers. “You’ll accompany me, won’t you?”

  She laid her forehead on her husband’s cheek.

  “I'm sorry, you idiot. If you're in a single room, I can offer you a kiss now.”


之前翻译Bob Dylan的歌词时,发现他的歌词从不需要也不能够有多余的修饰。是怎样唱就怎样翻,最简单也最有意境。



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